Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on Viewer Migration Caused by the Strike

Another article today relevant to what I was talking about on Monday. Video Business confirmed that in December, as new television programming was waning because of the strike, viewers turned to the Web. The article notes a 34% increase in online video consumption -- apparently a lot of it at Youtube. (Check out the table showing market shares of online video traffic -- very interesting.)

It's probably not a popular opinion, but I think this is ultimately a really good thing. The only thing holding back more aggressive development and commercialization of online media is the lack of enough viewership to constitute a critical mass. Everyone knows that video on demand through the Internet (and mobile networks) is the future of the entertainment business. We need to get out of the no-man's land between television and online media, and get to an integrated model. Anything that speeds up that process is a good thing in my mind.

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