Thursday, June 17, 2010

3D Glasses - An Emerging Business Opportunity

There is an opportunity quickly emerging for consumer electronics companies.  Most of the new 3D televisions  (other than the Vizio TV that was just announced) use glasses with active electronics.  The television manufacturers are supplying one or two pairs of these glasses with each TV, and then selling extra pairs for about $200 each.

In reality, these glasses can probably be sold for under $100 a pair and still yield a healthy profit.  I guarantee that there will be several companies offering a full line of active-electronics 3D glasses at discount prices by next year's CES.  This is a product category that currently doesn't even exist and it will become significant within a year or less.

Things are moving fast, and that means new opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money. If you want to get rich, watch new developments and figure out what new products and services will become useful as a result.

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